Excursion Details and Notable Poster Download


Don’t forget that the excursion is on Tuesday 18 August. In class on Monday I’m going to show you a film called “Vesuvius: Deadly Fury”. This should get you in the mood for the Pompeii exhibition. This film details the latest archaeological finds and shows scientists speculating on how long it would have taken, during the full heat of the pyroclastic surge, for a person to dessicate into a skeleton. The answer is, not long. It was a horrible human disaster and to soften it in my mind I like to focus on the people who escaped.

What you need for the excursion:

  • A small bag (not your school bag)
  • A water bottle
  • A snack for morning tea (VERY important – lunch will be late)
  • Lunch or money to buy lunch
  • A note if you wish to be dismissed anywhere other than at school or our closest railway station

Here’s a version of the little handout that I gave you on Thursday to show you what should be on your poster for the Night of Notables. Click on the picture below to download the file. Depending on the speed of your modem and computer, this could take a very long time or be a swift and easy process. If you’re at school on one of our ponderous computers in Room 205, you might have to wait till midway through Year 12 before the file successfully downloads. Sigh.

Poster on notable person

Night of Notables

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4 Replies to “Excursion Details and Notable Poster Download”

  1. ha ha midway threw year 12, with our computers, thats not much of an exaggeration.

    Hi Ros, today i broke the news to sevreal teachers that i was not going to be at school today due to going on a history excursion. some took it well (Ms.Goodwin), and some took it not so well (Grev).
    So after pleading and grovoling with Grev, he said that as long as i write
    an argumentative essay about why i should go on this trip and hand it in on Firday, he’d let me go.
    and i’ve just realized i heavn’t broken the news to Miss. Lee yet, and we have her first period! hmmm i wonder how she’ll take it….

  2. work in partners for night of the notables that is,
    my commenting skills, are somewhat lacking today, sorry.

  3. Tina, we are not leaving tomorrow till 9.20, so you can go to P1 with Ms Lee with a happy heart. See you in the quadrangle at 9.20.

    Yes, I am letting 7E work with a partner if they want to, but I think there are quite a few who are choosing to work alone.

    Don’t worry, I knew what you meant.

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