Around the campfire

This is sort of what I look like. I left out the wrinkles, of course.

Hi guys!

I love teaching Year 7 students. You are still so young, bright, hard-working and curious.

You may not have seen me around the school because last term I was travelling in Europe with my family. We wanted to see the ancient world, but of course it was often mixed up with the modern one. These two guys were dressed up like Roman soldiers near the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Even though their costumes looked quite authentic, the phone gave them away…

I have left my youth far behind me, but I’m still pretty curious myself. I love a good story and that’s why being a history teacher gives me so much pleasure. Don’t tell the Ministry of Education, but teaching history to Year 7 students is hardly work at all. It’s like sitting around a campfire telling stories. Every now and then I like to ask a few questions as well, just to check that you haven’t fallen asleep in your sleeping bags under the stars.

Then you get to tell some stories too, especially the story of a great person who has somehow made the world a better place. That’s what happens during the Night of Notables, of course: you have your moment on stage, your moment in the bright light of the campfire.

In the meantime, this blog is a way for me to give you things to read, recommend websites, remind you of revision and work due, and ask you for comments and ideas. You can type comments (using your first name only) and ask questions. In a sense this blog is like a little tunnel through cyberspace between you and me.

I hope you like learning to be a historian and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you are historians already.

Kind regards from

Ms Green

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