S1Y – Emit comes in to land…

A friendly alien

 For those students who tend to crunch up assignment sheets and store them with squashed bananas and sweaty socks in their school bags, here is a downloadable version: 

Emit Repoons 2012

DUE DATE: Thursday 23 August

Click on this snippet from the assignment to download another copy.

Dear S1Y,

By now your Emit (or Llatiwonk) should have landed on the desert sands of ancient Egypt. Perhaps your spaceship cleverly transformed into a boat, landing with perfect precision on the waters of the Nile. On the other hand, you may have buried yourselves along with your spaceship in the soft silt of the Nile floodplains. No matter what adventures you have had so far, I hope you’re enjoying the journey. Remember to fill your story with historical information, dialogue with people who lived in ancient Egypt, and your thoughts and evaluations of what you notice and perceive. After all, you don’t get to be an alien or a robot all that often…

Here are some sites you might find interesting and helpful. There is also a quizlet in the post below this one on ancient Egypt. Whiz through it, by all means, but then start your research and report.

Kind regards,

Ms Green

Mummy Maker Game at the BBC Website

The importance of the Nile – BBC Website

The importance of the Nile – an easier website

Questions and answers about the Nile – an easy website

A day in the life of various ancient Egyptians – PBS Website

A fascinating account of archaeological evidence on who actually built the Pyramids – PBS website

Ancient health and the importance of brushing your teeth, as shown by studies of mummies

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