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Dear 7Y,

The people of ancient China were inventive both physically and mentally. As you already know, they invented paper, gunpowder, the compass and movable printing. They began to spin silk around 6000 years ago.

Today, however, you will be learning about their inventive ideas, their ways of thinking and their philosophies of life.




Set out your notes in any way that seems appropriate to you. Here are some options:

  • Create a set of Tiny Cards through Duolingo, titled “Chinese Philosophies of Life” or something similar. You may decide to make one set for each of the philosophies: Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism.
  • Here is my starter set for Taoism to gain an overview of both the philosophy and the card-making concept:
Tiny Cards Set – Taoism
  • Present your work on a double page of your workbook, including headings, drawings and fact boxes.
  • Create a PowerPoint or an Infographic through a site like Piktochart – or use your own software.

Include dot points, sentences, symbols and pictures to make your work visually attractive and engaging and to ensure that you rework and reconstruct what you read.

At the same time, ensure that you include answers to the questions I have typed below each philosophy or philosopher.

Eventually I shall ask you to express your own opinions about each philosophy. That’s why, as you read about each one, I would like you to ask yourselves:

“What do I believe? Is this what I think? How is it similar to or different from my own philosophy of life? Could I adopt this as something to believe in – or not?”

You might even react like this:

“I’ve never thought about that before, but now that I’ve read about it, it makes sense.” 

Ultimately you will be thinking about your own philosophy of life, which might well borrow elements from all three of the philosophies below.


Philosophy for Kids
United Religions Initiative – Children 


  • What does the word “Tao” mean?
  • Who is thought to be the founder of this philosophy?
  • What do Taoists believe?
  • Draw a picture of Taoism’s famous symbol. What Taoist ideas does it express and represent?



 Kids’ World – Buddha

 OUP Blog – 10 Facts about Buddhism

  • Use symbols and pictures to tell the story of Siddhartha Gautama and his path to enlightenment.
  • Then present the three universal truths and the four noble truths that he identified during his deep meditation period. Use a symbol or picture to illustrate or represent each one.


 Philosophy Slam

Ancient History Encyclopedia

  • Select 2 quotations from Confucian teachings, write them down and then explain them in your own words.
  • Give an example of how each quotation might apply either to you or to the modern world.
  • List and explain the main ideas in the moral code of Confucius. Use a symbol or simple picture for each one.
  • If you are working online, you can find copyright free symbols and pictures at these three sites:

Last Request:

Type out the most fundmental point of your own personal philosophy of life and put it into a comment for others in the class to read. For example, this is mine: 

Kindness towards others is a fundamental principle that my mother taught me. I believe that mercy is more important than justice and forgiveness more healing than retribution. I would prefer to be a victim of injustice than a person who acts unjustly.

Kind regards and happy philosophising,

Ms Green

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25 Replies to “Three Philosophies to Live By”

  1. • I am a Buddhist
    • Rules only exist to be broken
    • Do what my instincts tell me
    • Talk freely
    • Do whatever I feel is necessary
    • No one is perfect
    • Forgive and forget
    • No pain, no gain
    • No lying or gossiping
    • No swearing
    • No bad thoughts
    • Try to be smart
    • Try to be fit
    • Try to be sporty
    • Help others
    • Be merciful
    • Be loyal
    • Be just
    • Be there for family and friends
    • Don’t be rude
    • Don’t make fun of anyone
    • Karma exists
    • Treat others the way you like to be treated
    • Stay grateful
    • Be happy
    • Don’t discriminate
    • The smarter you get, the less you speak

  2. My philosophy of Life:
    • Don’t get cocky. If you’re feeling confident, it’s because there’s something you don’t know.
    • On the ladder of life, you only need to be one rung higher than whoever is on the bottom. The higher you go, the harder it becomes to move up, and beware – pride comes before a fall.
    • Everyone should do their share.
    • Keep calm and learn Latin.

  3. Dear Ms Green,
    Here are some points from my philosophy of life:
    – treat others how I would want to be treated (golden rule)
    – THINK:
    – true
    – helpful
    – inspiring
    – necessary
    – kind
    – forgive and forget
    from Sandra

  4. Hello Everyone,
    Three points of philosophy that I follow are that:
    -Help others
    -Make good decisions
    -People aren’t bad, their decisions are


  5. • Treat others the way you want to be treated
    • No pain, no gain
    • A grateful heart, is a happy heart

  6. Always respect yourself. Don’t care about others opinions of you, the only opinion that really matters is your own. If you love the person you are, you will always be happy. The people around you will get to know the person you really are and love you for that. Don’t mould yourself to someone else’s image of you, be yourself.

  7. I believe that you should not take things for granted. People don’t realise what they have till its gone.

  8. – Find peace within oneself, and find the happiness and contentment that we seek.
    – Find inner peace, kindness and wisdom through daily practice and then sharing our experiences with others, bringing real benefits to this world.

  9. Dear Ms Green
    Below are some ideas from my Philosophy of Life
    -Treat others the way you would like to be treated
    -Change the world for the better, so people remember you as an inspiration
    -Life is only so long, so don’t waste it not being who you truly are
    -You will only learn by the errors you make, so shed your feelings of failure
    From Nina S1Y 💙

  10. -Ignoring a friend is the one of the worst things you can do.
    -Ignoring the pizza you ordered at the door is another of the worst things you can do

  11. Life is like a coin; you can only spend it once.
    H.O.P.E – hold on pain ends.
    Be yourself, for there is no one better to be.
    It’s okay to be a glow stick. Sometimes you have to break before you can shine.
    Practise as though you’ve never won, perform as though you’ve never lost.

  12. Personal philosophies
    • Sleep when you can
    • Fight only when fought
    • Dodge as much as possible
    • Poker face all the time
    • There are dimensions of time and space and we live in 3 dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time
    • The “many many many worlds” hypothesis
    • Humour is one of the most important things in life
    • Bad jokes are required for good jokes to be appreciated
    • Pr. Algerian Drakius Arcturus Drake is always there if I want to chat
    • So many awesome games, so little time

  13. • To be grateful
    • Family matters
    • Get better at my weakness
    • Be braver
    • Help each other
    • To think thoroughly about my decisions

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