Medieval Assignment 2009

Choose only one of the four options below:
OPTION 1: The Battle of Hastings

1. Tell the story of what happened in the Battle, from the
point of view of a Saxon or a Norman. Make sure that your story is full of historical detail (be creative but stick to what happened).

2. Choose a scene from the Bayeux Tapestry. Use it to draw your own version of that scene, which may be a faithful rendering of the original, or a creative variation, such as a cartoon, a 3D scene, a drawing in which you use more modern ways of representing human beings, a poster with flaps or tabs, etc.

Bayeux_Tapestry_1 Public Domain wikimedia

Fragment from the Bayeux Tapestry, in the public domain; provided by commons.wikimedia

Harold makes an oath by George Morrow - very old picture book

A picture by George Morrow, from a very old picture book about history; I hope the copyright has expired and that Mr Morrow does not mind me using his picture of Harold’s oath to William (later Harold claimed that the oath had been made under duress)

OPTION 2: People from Medieval Times – Anglo-Saxons, the Vikings, Knights, Women, Nobles, Monks, Nuns, or Peasants
1. Contrast the life of ONE of these groups with your own life. Point out the main differences in detail. You might use these topics to help you: childhood, education, work, leisure activities, values, adult life or aspirations, difficulties of life, type of society or government they lived in compared with yours. Finish with a thoughtful conclusion about life in medieval times and modern times.

2. Try to show what the group you have chosen was like in a visual way: for instance, a large drawing; a poster with labels and detailed comments; an overlay (using tracing paper), showing the outside and the inside of a house, a castle, etc. What you do for this will be influenced by which medieval group you choose: for instance, you might do an overlay of a peasant’s cottage, or one of a knight without armour and then with armour on.

Medieval-clipart-tn-5 karenswhimsy public domainClipart of a medieval castle from an old book, now in the public domain, kindly provided through

1. Choose a specific war, battle or conflict to focus on: eg. a battle from the Hundred Years’ War, one of the crusades, etc. From the point of view of a combatant, tell the story of the Battle and how you fared. Give the background to the conflict and describe the weapons, tactics and methods used to gain an advantage over the enemy or win the battle.
2. Show an aspect of medieval warfare in a pictorial way: e.g., a drawing or plan of a castle; a plan or map of the battle you described, with labels and explanations; your own creative design for a castle, with its features and creative elements clearly explained; an overlay drawing showing a castle from the outside, then on the inside; a picture of a siege weapon showing its specific features; etc.

OPTION 4: A Medieval Board Game or computer quiz
You can tackle this in a group of 2 or 3 students if you like but I need to know what each of you contributed so that I can give you a fair individual mark. Consider a medieval version of Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders (perhaps based on a castle) or Cluedo, etc.
If you choose this option you must do a lot of planning and research beforehand and make sure there is a great deal of historical knowledge to be gained by playing the game. The more playing the game increases the player’s knowledge, the higher your grade will be.
Consider some of the following ideas for your board: a medieval castle, a medieval manor, a battlefield, a medieval manuscript, a medieval monastery, etc. You could also have a range of characters: knights, peasants, lords, crusaders, nuns, monks, kings/queens, mercenary soldiers, etc.
Medieval-clipart-6 karenswhimsy public domain Clipart of a medieval castle from an old book, now in the public domain, kindly provided through

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3 thoughts on “Medieval Assignment 2009

  1. Ms. Green
    It’s Aoms! I accidentally clicked on this link when I visited your blog. I thought, “Why not read this and see if it is interesting?” So I did and it was interesting! Will we get to do this assignment?
    From your humble student,

  2. Dear Amos,
    You are a terror for punishment! You have only just finished a major assignment, you are working on the Night of Notables and you are already keen to do more! Hmm, we might do some activities on medieval Europe without doing a full assignment. I feel it would be a little cruel to give you ANOTHER assignment after the Night of Notables assignment. But let me know if there is a particular activity you would like to do in class.
    Kind regards,
    Ms Green

  3. Ms. Green,
    I would like to do this project. But another thing the class might like is a session where you take us to the Quadrangle and have a medieval-based LARP (Live Action Role Play). It is educational and fun! I liked the LARP option bettet than the project but I’ll settle for either!
    From your very excited student,
    P.S.: If you don’t like my idea, you can ask the class for what they might wanna do. I like the topic medieval Europe so anything you plan would be fine!

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