7F Night of Notables Photos from 2009

Tina, Divya, Goutami, Emma, Lizzie and several others tackled their task with a passion that was infectious and inspiring. Below are some pictures showing them in their costumes. There are also some pictures of Tina’s and Lizzie’s displays. I’m sorry I didn’t get photos of everyone’s displays; it was a chaotic day and evening, with hundreds of people milling around.

Divya preparesDivya putting some last-minute touches to her display…

Divya Later, Divya dressed up as Cleopatra.

Tina, Lizzie and DivyaTina as Rosa Parks, Lizzie as Charlotte Bronte, and Divya

GoutamiWelcome back, Goutami.

Tina's displayTina’s beautiful display. Many of her pieces are now displayed in Room 107.

Lizzie's display Lizzie’s display was beautiful too and it even matched her costume. Great taste in books, Lizzie!

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