Three Research Options on the Medieval World

Research Options and Links

Download assignment sheet: The Life of Peasants

Download assignment sheet: The Norman Conquest

Download assignment sheet: The Hundred Years War

How to set out the primary source question | A breakdown of each question below

The Life of Peasants

Primary Sources:

Dialogue between Master and Disciple, c.1000 | The Crede of Piers the Ploughman | Luttrell Psalter, British Library | Digital version of the Luttrell Psalter | Sample picture with a description from the Luttrell Psalter

The Norman Conquest


Primary Sources:

William of Poitiers 1 | William of Poitiers 2 | Orderic Vitalis 1Orderic Vitalis 2 | Anglo-Saxon Chronicle | Several varied primary sources | William I’s final confession

Hundred Years War

Primary Sources:

Online Froissart | Froissart on the Battle of Crécy | Froissart on the Battle of Poitiers | The Trials of Joan of Arc | Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet, Battle of Agincourt, 1415


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2 thoughts on “Three Research Options on the Medieval World

  1. In the 15th and 16th centuries, Japan splintered into dozens of independent states constantly at war with one others, similar to the situation in medieval Europe. Consequently, warriors were in high demand. This made the society into a hierarchy centred around a warrior class. The Japanese hierarchy was similar in some ways to the European one. Samurai were often extremely wealthy, perhaps more than the knights were in medieval Europe. The samurai wore lighter armour, which made them faster.

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