The Plague Strikes

Dear Year 8,

During my absence on Long-Service Leave, you will be learning about the Black Death, a horrifying disease that struck the hapless and defenceless people of Asia and Europe in the 14th century.

It is thought that the bacteria that caused the plague, having originated in China, were carried by the fleas on black rats. These rats hitched a ride westwards along the Silk Road trading route, reaching Europe in 1348. Estimations vary, but most historians agree that at least one-third of the European population perished. The plague was terrifying, painful and deadly.

The links and activities below, along with your text and the handouts provided in class by Ms Giesbrecht, will give you a detailed overview of this horrifying event in human history.

Kind regards from Ms Green


Handout: Medicine at the Time of the Black Death

Handout: Social and Economic Effects of the Plague (caution: difficult!)

My Simple Concept Map (which will help you develop your own more detailed version – see the embedded version at the bottom of this post)

Assignment handout – Concept Map – PDF | Word Document (with active links)

Quizzes and Activities

Tiny Cards: An Introduction to Essential Details and Vocabulary Relating to the Black Death

Quiz: The Black Death in 1348

Quiz: The History of the Black Death (very challenging vocabulary)

Video: Crash Course History: Disease! (difficult words → watch with the subtitles turned on!)


My Concept Map

This simplified outline is meant as a starting point to direct your research for your own concept map. Find out more about each point and add detailed explanations, symbols and pictures, so that your concept map is thorough and detailed. You can also add points of your own. 

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