History in the Time of the Coronavirus…

To my dear Year 7 students, cruelly exiled from high school after such a short visit 😕 ,

Actually, you are probably ecstatic to have an unexpected early holiday! Since I shall not be seeing you for quite some time now, I thought that I would put some handouts online about the Night of Notables and give you some options for notable people to consider (↓see the bottom of this post). More details will eventually be made available either here or under your Lesson Plans on Compass.

As I mentioned to you in class last week, it is a good idea 💡 to put all your thoughts about a possible notable person on the back-burner of your mind and let them simmer there for a while. Don’t make your decision too quickly. Instead, do some reading, think about which fields of human endeavour interest you most, and reflect on what what kind of person you yourself would like to be. This might help you to choose a notable person whose life and achievements will remain with you and continue to inspire you in the years to come.

Since we’ve been learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and Cultures recently, I thought you might start this thinking process by considering some notable people within this group. The list provided below is just a starter. It could be far longer. Have a click and a wander through the possibilities.

 ♦ Add other suggestions for this list in a comment – or write to let  me know what you are doing during the shutdown. Use only your  first name and don’t forget to type the spam word. This proves to  robots that you’re not a robot. Sigh.

Take care of yourselves and your families!

Warm regards from Ms Green ♥ 

A Very Short List: Some Notable Choices Amongst the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples:

Eddie Mabo 
Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker) 
Joy Wandin Murphy 
William Barak
Pemulwuy (suggested by Dharm, 7E)

Handout: Setting Out Your Poster and Creating Your Display

Read about my Night of Notables class in 2017 (including their comments)


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4 Replies to “History in the Time of the Coronavirus…”

  1. Do any of our notables have to be Indigenous Australian?

    Hi Tanmay,
    No, that is one option, but please see all the other possibilities that I posted under our Compass Lesson Plan today (Wed, 15 April).
    All the best,
    Ms Green

  2. Dear Ms Green,
    During the self-isolation I have been solving puzzles, going on 10km bike rides and resting at home. It is good to slow down and have a rest. I haven’t chosen the person I would like to do for “The Night of The Notables” project. I am considering a historical person in the area of civil rights.
    Olivia 7E

    Thank you for your lovely message, Olivia! You sound as though you have a perfect mix of intellectual and physical activities in your schedule at home. I have been trying to find a healthy balance of activities myself. I am pleased that you are mulling over options for your project and your topic area is a very worthwhile one.
    All the very best from Ms Green

  3. Hi Ms Green
    I would like to choose Charles Kingsford Smith.
    I don’t know much about him but I would like to learn.

    Thanks, Charlie. Excellent.

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