Ancient Australia

When I went to school in the 1960s and 1970s, we didn’t learn about ancient Australia and the Aboriginal peoples at all. Australian history, as it was defined then, only began in 1770 with the voyages of Captain James Cook. Given what we now know about the long and continuous story of Australia’s Aboriginal peoples, this seems horrifying to me now. In fact, I finally learned about this part of our history in my adult years – and only realised then how much I had missed. Of course, there is always more to learn about this rich, mysterious and fascinating subject.

Below is an introductory presentation on this topic. It begins with the phenomenal journey that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples made in order to find their way here, perhaps 65,000 years ago. This has been called the first great sea journey of the human race. There are several other topics in the presentation, including the varied environments that became the home of these diverse peoples, their many languages, the Dreaming, and the archaeological discoveries that convinced other Australians (at last) that the Aboriginal peoples had indeed come here in the deep, deep past – and have continued to love this land every since.

Below the presentation is a list of the resources that are linked within it.

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Presentation: Ancient Australia: The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (a better-quality version than the embedded one)



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