More Roman Revelry (or Easy Activities on Ancient Rome)

If you have finished reading about Pompeii, you will be relieved that you have never been melted by a pyroclastic surge like the poor people who lived there in 79AD. You can now go on to other activities that will introduce you to this powerful, violent and influential civilisation.

Click HERE for the Gladiator: Dressed to Kill Game from the wonderful BBC website if you haven’t have played this game already. (You can also click on the pic below.)

 Roman Mosaics: The Romans loved to make pictures with small tiles. Click HERE for some pictures of Roman mosaics to inspire you. Then try making your own by clicking on my mosaic below to go to a site that lets you design one online.

Click HERE to view a Roman mosaic of a dog – you will love it.

A Roman Street

Toss everything that doesn’t belong in a Roman street into the time tunnel in this game from the BBC. Click HERE.


The History of Pizza

Read this interesting history before going on to the task below this table. Click HERE

Now see what you can find out about ONE of the famous leaders of ancient Rome. Here are a few names to get you started. Start a page of information about one of these leaders, with quotations, pictures and details of his life.

  • Julius Caesar

  • Tiberius

  • Claudius

  • Caligula

  • Nero

  • Constantine

Good luck!