An Interactive Timeline of the Middle Ages

Vikings attack other lands in the 8th and 9th centuries

King John signs the Magna Carta, 1215

Black Death strikes Europe, 1348

This clickable and pictorial timeline will allow you to gain an overview of some pivotal events, developments and achievements of the Middle Ages. Use it to find examples for each of the questions provided below.

CLICK HERE to view the timeline

← and then click on each of these symbols in order to view the details and pictures on the timeline.


For teachers: CLICK HERE to download a file containing 25 events from the Middle Ages in the form of pictures with explanations and dates.

Search through the events of the timeline to find each of the following:

  • An event that was violent and destructive
  • An event that is similar to something that is happening today
  • A development or skill that is still evident in today’s society
  • An event or development that reveals the nature of people’s thoughts and beliefs in the Middle Ages
  • An artistic or architectural achievement
  • An example of an invasion or a migration of peoples
  • An example of two groups of people influencing each other and fusing culturally
  • A person who introduced a new religion or philosophy of life
  • A powerful king
  • A language that was influential in the development of English

Western Rome falls, AD 476

Justinian I, the most famous emperor of the Byzantine Empire – 527-565

The Norman Conquest, 1066


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