Who is Emit Repoons?

Years ago when I started teaching (back in the Middle Ages), I found the Emit character in a very old history book. As a result of this very old book, I made up an assignment in which student could be an intergalactic archaeologist called Emit Repoons who was visiting ancient Egypt. Emit was wild and rash but his sidekick, Llatiwonk, was rational and clever. After that year I forgot all about Emit, until a student in Year 12 said to me, “Remember that assignment in Year 7 History? I loved that Emit Repoons.”

Greetings, earthling!

That’s why this blog is named after Emit.

I don’t know the name of the clever writer who originally created Emit and Llatiwonk. Since 1995 or so, I’ve tried to find that history book several times. This is no simple undertaking in our school, which is filled with books stretching deep into the past, all of them dusty. Even entering a history storeroom requires resolution and courage.

I do hope that the person who originally coined the name doesn’t mind that Emit now graces my history blog. The purpose Emit serves is exactly in keeping with the ideas of that imaginative person.

My hand-drawn version of Emit
My hand-drawn version of Emit

Since then I’ve made up several assignments with Emit as a main character. In the ancient Egypt assignment, a student can choose to be Emit (male alien) or Llatiwonk (female humanoid robot) and go on a mission to find out about this civilisation.

I want my students to be like Emit: keen, curious and questioning. But I also like Llatiwonk’s traits: she is rational, careful and thorough. What a happy combination of characteristics for a history student!


 Emit cartoon
One of the dopey pics I made up for my original history assignment

Roslyn Green, Junior History Teacher

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10 thoughts on “Who is Emit Repoons?

  1. hey miss,
    can you please put a pic of Llatiwonk on this blog?
    coz i wanna put it on my assignment 🙂

  2. Yes, Louisa, I like Emit because he’s young and a bit wild but also curious and inquisitive. History students who are inquisitive don’t wait for me to tell them things but go looking for themselves, you see. (Of course, I wouldn’t want to be completely redundant.) I want students to be careful, rational and restrained too, like Llatiwonk! I want a lot, don’t I? But you know, I’ve had many students who have managed to combine the seemingly contradictory traits of these two characters. Well, perhaps not many, but certainly quite a few. So it’s not impossible.

    Hmm, I didn’t put Llatiwonk in the blog title for a very prosaic reason. She would have made the title too long and I didn’t feel that I could leave Emit out.

    Kind regards, good question!

  3. Dear Wilma,
    I’m sorry that you don’t think Emit is an up-to-the-minute little alien. Perhaps you could draw a new picture of him for me, with all the latest equipment: a fold-up-able Apple computer with voice recognition of all languages, a translator he can carry in his tiny alien earlobes, perhaps even a rocket pod that transforms into a boat for travelling on the Nile…I’m open to any artistic endeavours and flights of fancy you’d like to consider!
    Kind regards,
    Ms Green.

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