Emit Repoons Egyptian Assignment

Intergalactic Archaeologist on Duty

Emit Repoons had never liked sitting around his office with his feet up. He was not content with a well-paid desk job and a company rocket. Even when he had just finished a successful mission, he found it hard to settle down at headquarters. No, he preferred the danger and uncertainty of his journeys. He loved gazing into other worlds and explaining their strange characteristics to his own kind.

Luckily, Ssob Etad Rekees was always prepared to listen. When Emit burst into her office one day and begged her to send him on a new mission, she had a mission chip ready. As she reached for it, she remarked, “I’ve saved this civilisation for you. It may be a difficult and perilous journey, but I know that will only strengthen your resolve. Good luck. And don’t forget to take Llatiwonk with you. She will be invaluable.”

Destination: Earth

Civilisation: Ancient Egypt

Year: Reign of Tutankhamen

Emit sighed. True, Llatiwonk was brilliant. She was just the kind of companion he needed. Whenever he wanted to do something rash, she would gently present all the opposing arguments. She was far too rational for his liking. In Emit’s opinion, she’d had too much common sense programmed into her circuits. But of course Llatiwonk would go with him. It was unthinkable and it might even be dangerous to leave her behind.

From Ssob’s outstretched hand, Emit took the chip and inserted it into his trusty pocket pod. When he saw the screen, he knew he was in for an adventure.


Taking the role of Emit or Llatiwonk, write the story of your adventure in ancient Egypt. This can be presented in any form desirable to you and acceptable to Ssob Etad Rekees. Your aim is to delve into the society of ancient Egypt and find out as much accurate factual information as possible. You must also make judgements about the nature of this society, including what you admire and what you find to criticise. Don’t be afraid to give your opinions but don’t forget to give reasons for them. You should cover:

  • Your preparations and journey
  • Your first impressions and the geography of the land, including the Nile, the desert, the fertile land, the yearly flood, and so on
  • The farming life most people live: work, crops, animals, tools and hardships of life
  • How the country is governed, the social hierarchy and the role of the pharaoh
  • Writing OR mathematics in ancient Egypt

You should also choose a topic that interests you, such as mummification, warfare, the pyramids, etc.


*What do you consider to be the most unusual and inspiring features of this civilisation?

*What can your alien culture learn from this strange and ancient people?

*What aspects of their culture would you not want to emulate on your distant world?

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39 Replies to “Emit Repoons Egyptian Assignment”

  1. hi,
    I’m here today and right now im looking forward to night of notables, should be da best!!!! NON Rules!!!

  2. ohhhhhh 🙁
    i spent half the day trying to get another copy of this!!! 🙁

    HAHA just joking…..i’m bored

  3. i still find that i’m normaly the most recent comment….am i spamming?
    Mrs green, is thinking about an notable person homework? Cause my mum wants me to clarify (she thinks this blog is good cause she can find out what homework there is) grr

  4. No, Matt, this doesn’t make you a spammer. Thinking about a notable person is not REALLY classified as written work, so I thought I could just slip it in with barely a complaint from my students. I prefer you to have only one assignment at a time to be concerned about. All the same, I just wanted to give you a tiny reminder that in 4 weeks or so we’ll be starting on the Night of Notables.

    You could check out some people in the quotations widget to begin with!
    Ms Green.

  5. hey Ros,

    i’m really excited about night of the notables!
    I’m gonna be doing a girl/women!
    and thats about as far as my planning for that goes.
    any tips?

  6. Doh! I’ve made a start on my ancient egypt assignment. But I’ll have to make some changes coz i set it in the time of ramses the 2nd. I should have read the steet better. Was tutenkamen befor or after ramses the great?

  7. Dear Steven,
    You needn’t change your assignment. Tutankhamen was before Ramsses II. Tutankhamen reigned from 1336-1327BC and Ramses from 1279-1213BC. (Before Christ, the closer to zero, the later is the period of time.) But since you’re capable of time travel, you can lurch backwards and forwards in time as well as space if you’d like to. Here’s a site that gives you a timeline of Egyptian history to help you with your travels. I used it to look up the dates above, because there’s no way I can carry too many figures around in my head at my age!
    Kind regards, Ms Green

  8. i haven’t talked for a while (sort of) any ways my new name is KIRBY! and i’m kinda stuck on my egyptian assignment i can’t think of an where to start my story!!!! but the thing that makes it weird is i finished the back part 😀 haha. any1 got usefull tips? i might just start again:D

  9. Hello, Matt (Mr Kirby), I should say. Actually I think you’ve done your assignment in a clever way. It’s often quite a good thing to leave the start till last. Hmm, you could start off on Emit’s foreign planet, with him and Llatiwonk arguing about what to take. I like the idea, however, of starting off as you land in ancient Egypt (with a plop into the Nile, perhaps, or a thump into the sand) and then “flashing back” (as an English teacher might call it) to your mission and what it’s all about. But whatever you do, I feel sure, will be very interesting and attention-catching.
    Ms Green

  10. 🙂 i had another idea so i started again 🙁
    so here it is ………*drum role*………. that was a bit over but… can it be interactive? :):):):) HeHe cause i got a “good” idea 😉

  11. Yes, Matt, of course it can be interactive! But are you sure you have time for all that fussy hard work? If so, go for it!
    Ms Green

  12. Is the info above the same as on the sheet? Cause I lost my sheet… (I know i don’t have to base it around the time of King Tut) If theres anything on the sheet thats not on the blog could you PLEASE tell me!

  13. Dear Lachlan,
    I don’t think there are any major differences between this version and the one I gave you. So don’t worry! You can mention in your assignment that you used the version on the blog, just to be sure that I’m marking your work with that in mind. But I think the two versions are fundamentally the same.

    I’m sure your work will be absolutely fine. Have a great weekend.
    Ms Green

  14. Mrs Green
    i just relised one flaw in my assignment that i can’t print it out cause you need a computer to click on the interactive parts 🙁
    *ding* light bulb appears above head. Can i give my usb to you?
    if yes then plz tell me quickly or i won’t have enough time to restart
    P.S I put a little help section on the assignment just in case you get a bit confused but knowing how smart you are you probaly won’t need it 😀
    tee hee byebyebyeeeeee

  15. Matt, you write such lovely comments! Of course you can give me your assignment on USB. You can also email it to me if you like at ros.green@optusnet.com.au. Do not contemplate restarting it for a moment. It will be just fine. I love interactive bits in assignments AND a help section is a very good idea! I am quite likely to need it, despite your nice remarks.

    Kind regards,
    Ms Green.

  16. HI!
    I’m probably going to be Steve Jobs, you know, the creator of Apple? I like him because the creator of windows is too popular, and too many people know him. Also, it would be very useful to know about him, as i think Apple is the ‘latest thing’, and will be for a while.

  17. ARGENT!!!!!
    Ms Green,
    I just read the Emit Repoons project thingy-ma-jig above, and I read that it has to be during the reign of Tutankhamen. My story thing is WAY before that, when the Pyramid of Djoser were still considered new. I’ve already finished my project, so can you please make an exception??!!!!!
    Your very worried student,

  18. Dear Amos,
    Chill! Your assignment will be fine! It doesn’t have to be in the time of Tutankhamen at all. I am sure that it will be wonderful.

    Kind regards,
    Ms Green

  19. Hey Ms Green i need a pic of llatiwonk, do you have one or is it something you can make up??

  20. Hi, Daniel! You can find a pic of Llatiwonk by typing “nexi robot” into google images. That’s the humanoid robot pic that seemed most appropriate for Llatiwonk, when I was searching around. There are hundreds of pictures of her – I should say, “it”! You can of course make a picture up. I don’t mind which method you use.

    Kind regards,
    Ms Green

    PS I’ve just added a little video of Nexi to the sidebar. Now you can hear her talk and see her face. She looks very human in a robotic kind of way! Hope you like it.

  21. hey ms Green
    this isnt that important but im curious, how do i change the picture which shows up by my name and also my project is about 12 pages long is that too long?
    bye Daniel

  22. Hi, Daniel!
    There is a way of changing that picture. You need to create a globally recognised avatar OR possibly become a member of Edublogs. To do the first, you can go to
    http://en.gravatar.com/, which allows you to create your own avatar.

    Twelve pages should be OK. I might need two weeks to get it back to you, but I’ll do my best to tackle it and return it before the holidays. Good assignments are easy to read and I’m confident that yours will fit into that category, so don’t worry.

    Kind regards,
    Ms Green.

  23. umm not sure if its 2 l8 but ive got like 4 pages so abt 1700-2000 word not sure if its enough… and oh yeah another purpose of this msg waz 2 test my gravatar thing…

  24. That sounds like plenty of words to me, Felix. Hmm, the avatar didn’t work, did it? Not sure why.

  25. Ms Green,
    Sorry I can’t come to school today. I got kinda sick. Anyway, I just wanna ask you a question: my Emit project (yes, I was sick and I can’t do it during the weekend so I’m doing it today), might be over 2000 words. Maybe 3000 if it was to be perfect (all topics covered, detailed description, etc, etc…) Is it OK if it is 3000 words. Would I lose marks?
    And while I’m at it, did I miss any work from yesterday or today? Please tell me ASAP!
    From your humble student,

  26. Ms Green,
    Please kindly ignore the part in my last comment that says my project might be 3000 words long. It might even be 5000! Possibly 6000! Please do forgive me if this figure freaked you out a bit! But would it still be ok if my project is 4000-6000 words long? Would I lose mark????!!!!!!
    From your humble student,

  27. Egypt best laegacy is its mathematics and engineering skills,(look at the pyramids). They made great use of the Nile as well.

  28. Ms Green,
    Sorry for posting so many comments in one day! But I think I might have over estimated the amount of words there is on my project. Please ignore my second comment to avoid confusion.
    From your very humble student,

  29. Dear Amos,
    I am sorry I have taken a while to respond to your comment. I have been busily talking to parents at the Parent/Teacher Night.

    Do not worry at all about the length of your assignment. You will not lose marks. But I hope you are not working so hard on it that you are endangering your health! Take care!

    Yesterday at school the boys all worked on their assignment or on the Night of Notables. Today they did the work on the blog under the post about legacies, which you might have seen. You can add your own comment to that at some stage. No hurry.

    Kind regards,
    Ms Green.

  30. Hi
    History lesson is so awesome. It is probally my favourite subject.
    School is great. The subjects are really exciting and I enjoy all of them. Getting lost comes with it right or is it just me. >.< . The teachers are amazing . Keep up a good job. I love my school. 😛

  31. What a lovely comment, Althea! I am really happy that you are enjoying school and history class too. By the way, I like your email address!

    Kind regards,
    Ms Green

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